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Back to school with a smile :)
Posted on : August 2013



The back to school commercials are in full swing. If your children are heading back into the educational system, we want to send them off with a smile. If they are overdue for their six month cleaning, it is a good idea to schedule a back-to-school dental visit before their schedules start filling up.

Along with new backpacks and outfits, don’t forget to send them with good habits for their smile. Tooth decay is very common in children, and left untreated it can effect a child’s ability to eat and speak. Be sure you child is brushing at least twice a day and also encourage them to brush after every meal.

You can help their eating habits by limiting sugary foods and sending them with fruits and vegetables for snacks. Items like grapes, mini carrots, dehydrated apples, nuts, or bananas are all excellent ideas.

Don’t forget to include items for after school activities as well. Something simple like purchasing a reusable water bottle may help replace those sugary sports drinks.

Dr John and Dr. Sarah are available to answer any questions you may have about mouth guards, new tooth development, or any other back to school questions. Give us a call 262-246-6486, stop in, or request an appointment – for the rest of this month we are giving away free toothbrushes AND travel cases that your child can take to school with them!


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